Due to current regulations, we can retail only to licensed pharmacies or through pharmaceutical wholesale. We do not sell directly to the consumer and cannot provide any samples.

retail price

potencyrecommended pharmacy retail price
1.-12. LM10,40 €
13.-18. LM11,08 €
19.-30. LM11,73 €
36., 45., 60. LM13,05 €
75., 90. LM14,22 €
120. LM16,11 €


Alle Preise pro 10 ml-Tropfflasche (=1 OP) und zzgl. Versandkosten. Höhere LM-/Q- und Zwischenpotenzen auf Anfrage.
Mit Erscheinen dieser Preisliste sind alle vorherigen Preislisten ungültig.
All prices are per 10 ml bottle plus shipping and handling. Higher potencies and in-between potencies are available upon request.

Any previous pricing becomes invalid with the publication of the above current price list.